reachAbility Association has been providing creative-customized programs and services to all levels of the Public, Private and Non-Profit sectors for well over a decade! We are genuinely committed to being leaders in our community as we work toward equalizing the playing field for all of our citizens through strategic partnerships and grassroots initiatives. We welcome you to join us!

The Employer of Excellence Program is a great opportunity for employers to engage communities, represent their core values and gain recognition for a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Your participation allows you to give something of value back to the community while gaining something even more valuable in return – a workplace culture that is healthy, positive and ahead of the curve.

In response to a growing need to better understand, support and integrate persons with disabilities in your community, we present Inclusion Training. This interactive, educational opportunity is designed to offer important training on providing dignity to all persons, including co-workers, customers and clients.

We offer consultations to all levels of Public, Private and Non-Profit sectors to support you in building an inclusive workplace that represents your customer base. Like our programs and training modules, our consultations are developed and creative-customized to match your business strategy, language and core objectives.

Tova Sherman, reachAbility CEO, has spent the last twelve years dedicated to working in the field of disability and inclusion. She has shared her expertise and boundless energy in support of persons with disabilities throughout Canada. Her inspirational and award-winning speaking engagements are helping bring disability awareness to the mainstream. Book her for your event!